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Master Teaching

The video below is one of 73 Master Teaching videos referenced within this PDF.  Visit the site for many examples of what really good instructors do best.

The Science Behind ‘Fake it til You Make it’

Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, gives a TED talk about nonverbal power dynamics. Cuddy relates her research to her MBA classrooms as well as her own personal experiences. She also explains the science behind the old addage, ‘fake it til you make it’ but, instead, suggests ‘fake it til you become it.’ For more information on the power of nonverbal communication, check out this TennTLC blog post: You Don’t Say.

How to Escape Education’s Death Valley

Sir Ken Robinson, English author, speaker, and international advisor on education, discusses the shortcomings of American education, specifically, the No Child Left Behind policy. He outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish — and how current education culture works against them. In a funny, stirring talk he tells us how to get out of the educational “death valley” we now face, and how to nurture our youngest generations with a climate of possibility. In case you’re curious after the video, this is result of ‘awakening the seeds of possibility’ in places that seem dead:


Organic Chemistry Parody

To help “increase student engagement, encourage learning, advance test scores, and to just have fun in what has become a dreaded class to many students,” UT Organic Chemistry professor Brian Long gave his students a very interesting extra credit assignment: create videos about chemistry parodying favorite songs. Some students went old school, using songs such as “Push It” and “Sweet Cherry Pie,” while others were more Top 40, parodying “Thrift Shop” and “Some Nights.” All 17 of the submitted videos can be seen on the Chem 350 Parody Project YouTube page.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes, SLOs, can be challenging and time consuming to implement. However, as Dr. Janet Fulks, a Professor of Biological Science at Bakersfield College, explains, SLOs help students learn more and perform better by setting clear expectations for their learning throughout the course. This is especially true when cultural and language barriers are present in the classroom. Dr. Fulks also discusses the importance of understanding student needs and tailoring assessments to help students succeed.

One-Shot Videos

This is a one-shot video made by Patrick Biddix, associate professor in UT’s Educational Leadership and Policy Studies department and participant in the Summer Teaching Institute, about different approaches to literature reviews.

Our very own Taimi Olsen experimented with making a one-shot video in Lodge McCammon’s style. We look forward to posting videos made by other members of the TLC, and maybe even some adventurous faculty, in the near future!

To see more videos or find more information about flipping your classroom or one-shot videos, see McCammon’s FIZZ page or this TennTLC Blog.

Changing Education Paradigms

An RSAnimate video narrated by Sir Ken Robinson, a world-renowned education and creativity expert, about the changing paradigms in public education. Visually engaging and highly informative, this video is definitely worth watching!


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