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Using Visuals: General Sources

Visual Literacy: “An introductory guide to resources.”

Vanderbilt University’s Visual Thinking: “Resources for integrating visual thinking in your teaching… You’ll find ideas for enhancing your presentations and for incorporating visual thinking in your students’ in- and out-of-class activities.”

Eye, Brain, and Vision: “My intention in writing this book was to describe what we know of the anatomy and physiology of the visual pathway up to the striate cortex.”

International Visual Literacy Association: “Visual Literacy Portal, an ongoing project.”

Visual Thinking Strategies: “VTS is a school curriculum and teaching method.”

Visual Literacy: “An e-learning tutorial on visualization for communication, engineering, and business.”

The Visual Telling of Stories: “A lyrical encyclopedia of visual propositions.”

Visual Literacy Table: “A periodic table of visualization methods.”

Squidoo: “Creative thinking techniques to enhance your creativity.”

Digital Students: “The purpose of the site is to showcase reviews and comparative analyses of tools that might be useful to college students as they work on assignments for their classes, whether papers, presentations, group projects, study guides, or anything along those lines.”

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