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Program Enhancement

Actions taken

Quick Facts: Actions are specific changes/modifications you are making to the program in reaction to your analysis of results. Your use of results should enhance student learning and performance on each learning outcome. In this section, the emphasis should be on what has already been done and where that has happened. Some actions could be immediate and small (i.e. adding a module to a course, or a program activity for student); other changes can be staged action (i.e. course redesign submitted this year and to be implemented next year).

Questions to consider when writing this section include:

  • When were the actions completed?
  • Did the actions entail changes/ modifications to the curriculum / courses or learning opportunities within the program?
  • Were the actions about student learning? Did they lead to enhanced student performance on a particular learning outcome?
  • What are the budget implications of the actions?
  • How were the faculty involved in creating/ developing and implementing the changes?

 Resources on use of results and program enhancement

Maki, P. L. (2010). Identifying or designing tasks to assess the dimensions of learning Assessing for Learning. Building a sustainable commitment across the institution.  (pp. 155-215). Sterling, VA: Stylus.

Chapter 7 focuses on closing the assessment loop. After a review of methods for collecting and analyzing data collected for the assessment, it discusses how to use results to enhance the program and to plan for the next assessment cycle.   Includes a worksheet to identity actions based on the results of the assessment.

Suskie, L. (2009). Using assessment results to inform teaching practice and promote lasting learning. In G. Joughin (Ed.), Assessment, Learning and Judgment in Higher Education: Dordrecht : Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

Use of results– Example

Sum, P. E., & Light, S. A. Assessing Student Learning Outcomes and Documenting Success through a Capstone Course. PS: Political Science & Politics, 43(03), 523-531. doi:10.1017/S1049096510000764


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